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Individual life insurance can be one of the best investments for many men and women. It provides you with a policy designed for you. By comparison, group life provides coverage for a larger group of people. It offers less customization and may not meet all of your needs. Which type of coverage is right for you? READ MORE >>

The major systems in your home can be expensive to repair or replace. Getting some help from your Oklahoma home insurance sounds like a good idea. The problem is, it is rarely possible. Your property coverage only protects you from damages you cannot prevent and that are accidental. READ MORE >>

A storm is an unexpected and, sometimes, difficult to plan for event. As a result, most auto insurance policies provide coverage for storm damage. This depends on the type of policy you have. If you have damage to your car, contact your car insurance agent. He or she can offer specific claim assistance. READ MORE >>

Happy holidays! As you are decorating your homes and hosting family and friends, keep in mind these safety tips to ensure a season of glad tidings, not unfortunate happenings.  Holiday Lighting Don't overload electrical outlets. Overloaded outlets and faulty wires are a common cause of house fires. READ MORE >>

There’s always a lot of debate as to whether purchasing life insurance on a minor is appropriate. In some cases, parents feel this is either morbid or a waste of money and refuse to consider the idea. However, there are a multitude of positive reasons to show why this is actually a good thing. READ MORE >>

Veteran's Day is this Sunday, November 11th, and many local businesses are treating our U.S. veterans to some great discounts and free food. This is the day to take a veteran you know out to dinner! Check out some of the deals below and from the Synergy Insurance Team, "Veterans, THANK YOU for your brave and loyal service to our country. READ MORE >>

The Leukemia and Lymphoma’s Annual Fundraising event, Light the Night was on October 26th in the Boathouse District, and the Synergy Team had the opportunity to join in on the fun! Our team has been raising funds for LLS for the past few months leading up to the event, and it was a blast to see it all coming together on this night. READ MORE >>

A beneficiary is an individual you assign to receive the proceeds from a life insurance policy. What does this mean? Life insurance pays a death benefit at the time of your death. The policy names a specific person to receive those funds. You choose who this is. But, who you select needs to be a personal decision you make wisely. READ MORE >>

  Your business insurance can help to protect many assets on your property. This includes any signage you have. Filing a claim for commercial property coverage for signage repairs is possible. You have the right to do so if your covered sign suffers damage. But, when should you do so and what is the outcome if you do? READ MORE >>

A deductible is the amount of any claim the policyholder must pay before the insurance pays the rest. Deductibles are common on most home insurance policies. They provide for a way of reducing costs and keep premiums lower. However, there are several types of deductibles available. What are these? READ MORE >>

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