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  With summer nearing an end, we are well into the busy season of Autumn. Kids are running out the door for school and you to work and errands. Friends and family are entering your home for holidays, sport viewings, and many other festivities. It is a great season. READ MORE >>

  We all love our pets and want to make sure they have the right and proper care for them. However, it can be tough to take care of them with the high costs of a veterinarian. That's why pet insurance can help. READ MORE >>

Buying a new car is a lot of to consider... and a bit of a game! Make sure this big purchase is less of gamble by following the steps below (NerdWallet) 1. Set your budget. Decide how much you can spend, what your monthly payment should be, and how you will finance your new car. 2. Choose the right car. READ MORE >>

The investment in life insurance is a big one. It may not be a major investment. But, making the decision to buy coverage can be challenging. Many people mistakenly believe life insurance is too expensive. It does not have to be. But, buying at the right age matters. Most often, investing at a young age is best. READ MORE >>

With the start of a new school year around the corner, carpooling might pop onto your radar in your efforts of getting yourself and your children to multiple places at once. Carpooling is becoming more popular for many reason (some are the pros below), but people still have their doubts if it can work in their schedules. READ MORE >>

One activity that not many people can deny enjoying, especially during the summer, is boating. Heading out into the water can be one of the most relaxing or exciting activities that a person engages in. Unfortunately, this fun activity has some inherent dangers related to it. READ MORE >>

An invisible dog fence is just what it sounds like. It uses radio frequency or other methods to keep a dog within a certain area. The systems can work for some dogs. However, from a home insurance perspective, you need to maintain control over your pet. This may mean counting on your invisible fence is not enough. READ MORE >>

A crack in the driveway can be a problem for many homeowners. It not only can be an eyesore, but it also can create a dangerous situation. For example, guests could trip on the cracked concrete. Or the crack could cause your tires to deflate. As a property owner, you need to make repairs to the driveway. READ MORE >>

No one wants to pay too much for their home insurance. Your goal is to get the strongest coverage at the most affordable price. However, over time, you might see your home insurance rates increase. Most people think that insurance claims drive up the cost of policies. READ MORE >>

If you, like many Americans, are looking for a good way to ensure your comfortable retirement, consider this story about a couple of brothers who made an 800% return on their initial investment: In the early days of professional basketball, there were two separate leagues competing for fans: the NBA we know now and the ABA (American Basketball Association). READ MORE >>

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