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A key reason for rising auto insurance claims has to do with distracted driving. By definition, this is any driver who is not paying attention to the road. Many people assume this relates to cell phones. That is one component of it. However, many other distractions can occur. READ MORE >>

Millennials may put off some life events that their parents or grandparents did at younger ages. Examples may include getting married, buying a first home, or having children. Some may even decide to start their own businesses instead of beginning their career with a large company. READ MORE >>

Today, in Oklahoma, the first tornado of the season has been issued. While Spring is a wonderful time of year, it always helps to be prepared for all that the change in season can bring. Tornadoes are no stranger to the great state of Oklahoma, but tornadoes also occur across the United States. READ MORE >>

There are days in our lives where you can wonder why you do what you do. Then, there are days that smack you in the face and remind you why you keep coming back. For me, January 4th, 2018, was one of those days that showed me why I love what we do. READ MORE >>

Distracted driving occurs when a person is focusing on tasks other than driving while behind the wheel. This is a very dangerous situation. Distracted driving is a leading cause of accidents in many areas. That is why states are putting laws into place banning the activity. READ MORE >>

With the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, on 24/7, you may see some major wipe outs on the slopes and falls on the ice rink. Though Olympic athletes may be some of the most physically healthy people in the world, what happens when these high-risk individuals have an accident? READ MORE >>

When it comes to purchasing insurance, it is a complicated process. When choosing the right agent for you, it may difficult to know what's right from left. There are a lot of options! This is why it is important to understand the benefits of having an independent insurance agent at your side to help you through all of life's tough decisions and moments. READ MORE >>

You might be planning on remodeling your kitchen. It is a big project that can help increase your home's value. It also definitely provides an opportunity for you to make your home more functional. However, before you get underway, think about your home insurance. Do you have the right protections in place? READ MORE >>

  Protecting your family begins from the outside in, so safety for your yard and surrounding area is very important. The state of the outside of your home affects what is inside. What are some ways to keep your yard looking beautiful by summer rolls around and most importantly, safe during the winter months? READ MORE >>

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